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The Transportation Industry’s Secret Weapon for Financing

As you know, the transportation industry has very specific financing needs. Often it doesn’t depend so much on the truck, but on the type of cargo, your customers need you to move from one place to another. You may need a flatbed trailer for large loads, a peculiarly shaped, a dry van, or a storage container.

That’s why you don’t need barriers when it comes to financing your business. You need financing tools that are like your trucks: running as smoothly, efficiently, and as fast as possible.

In this article, we’ll show you why leasing is the tool you need to meet the most demanding financial needs of your business.

What is trailer leasing, and how does it work?

Trailer leasing is a type of transportation service that allows businesses to rent trailers for their goods and shipment needs. This kind of trailer-leasing service is especially beneficial for companies who need trailer units on a regular or semiregular basis, as it reduces the cost and long-term commitment associated with trailer ownership.

It’s a great option for businesses that need to transport materials and goods, but either can’t, or don’t want to invest in the trailer itself.

When trailer leasing, businesses choose the trailer that best meets their needs and sign a lease agreement with the trailer leasing company.

In some cases, trailer leasing companies may offer delivery options or assist with maintenance issues while you have the trailer rented.

The benefits of trailer leasing

It can be a great option for you to save money and maintain complete control of your trailer fleet and transportation needs. With trailer leasing you can take advantage of several key benefits including lower up-front costs, easier budgeting, and flexible financing options.

By leasing instead of purchasing outright, you can avoid the high upfront costs associated with trailer purchases. It can also offer flexibility in terms of length and payment structure. This means you have more control over your finances and don’t need to commit to large purchase payments all at once.

Easier budgeting is another advantage of trailer leasing. You will know exactly how much your payments will be each month for the duration of the lease term. This makes it much easier to optimize and plan your budget and allocate funds appropriately over time. Additionally, most trailer leases are fully tax-deductible, which helps keep your costs down even further.

Finally, trailer leasing also provides you with greater flexibility when it comes to making changes or upgrades over time. Instead of entering into long-term agreements or facing expensive purchase fees for new trailers, you can just upgrade the trailer you are currently using.

trailer leasing

Types of trailers that are available for lease (much more than storage trailers)

When it comes to trailer leasing, you have many trailer types to choose from. From flat beds and refrigerated trailers to tankers and dry trailers, leasing provides an affordable solution for transportation businesses.

Flatbed trailers are open-topped containers perfect for carrying large loads that require extra protection. They are often used to transport oversized items like construction materials, industrial equipment, and more. 

Refrigerated trailers provide a secure environment for food and other temperature-sensitive products during transit. 

Tanker trailers are a common trailer type seen on the roads today. The best leasing services will allow you to find one that perfectly meets your needs in terms of capacity, weight requirements, loading doors or compartments, and other features. 

Dry van trailers come in many sizes and capacities, making them essential for businesses that need increased capacity to transport goods regularly without sacrificing safety. These trailer types also come with additional security features, including tracking systems, so you can monitor where your trailer is located at all times.

Livestock trailers come with a variety of features and customization options that make them ideal for the transportation of animals, whether you’re moving horses from one place to another or transporting cattle from the farm to the market.

Forestry trailers are specially designed to transport timber, logs, and other forestry materials safely and securely.

Farm trailers are designed to safely and securely transport agricultural goods such as crops, hay, and livestock feed.

No matter what trailer type you need for your business, leasing can provide an affordable solution with flexible financing options, so you don’t have to worry about expensive upfront costs. Contact a trailer leasing specialist, such as Finco FG, today to discuss the best trailer type for your needs.

trailer leasing