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Automotive Shop Equipment Financing & Leasing

automotive shop equipment financing

Looking for a hassle-free way to finance or lease new or used garage equipment?

Look no further, we’re here to help! One of our specialty is to connect businesses and individuals like yourself with the best lenders in the industry, so you can get the financing you need fast.

We know how difficult and confusing it can be to find appropriate funding when looking for new or used garage/automotive shop equipment. Our team of experts can help guide your decision and provide fast financing by working with 25+ different lenders in Canada. Plus, as an industry leader, we can offer the best rates and conditions, tailored to your needs.


The truth of the matter is, automotive equipment, whether new or used, can be quite expensive to acquire. That being said, adding new equipment to your fleet can only help grow your business by exponentially increasing your ability to service customers. In the end, it’s a necessary expense if you want to stay up to date with industry standards and you have a variety of financing options to chose from, so it’s important that you make a decision based on what matters most to you and your business. That’s where we come in!

One of the funding opportunities we make available to you is leasing. It’s the perfect solution for many companies who need to finance their equipment investments, but don’t want or can’t afford a long-term loan. With leasing, you Rent – Operate – then Own! It’s a smart financial strategy for businesses who need to make long-term investments in new equipment and, in addition to perks like flexible payment options and fiscal advantages, leasing also allows you the possibility of buying the equipment at an agreed upon price over time, with no down payments! It is, by far, one of the best financing choices out there when looking for flexible terms and payment options.


Our goal is to help you get the equipment you need, when you need it, with great financing options. That’s why we have a quick 3-steps process specifically designed to be as simple and straight forward as possible: First, find the right equipment according to your budget and business needs. Keep in mind the we help finance all types of equipments, whether it’s a private sale from an individual, or an item listed by an industry dealer. When you’ve found your equipment, fill out our online application form. Once the form is filled and submitted, one of our dedicated team members takes a look at your application within 24 hours. Don’t worry, we know that offers can sometimes only be available for a limited time, so rest assured that you will get a response within 24 to 48 business hours. And just like that, you could start growing your business with new equipment, flexible terms and no minimum down payment! 

Types of automotive we can help you finance

Leasing is the perfect solution for your business automotive needs. We can help you finance a wide variety of equipments, including alignment equipment, automotive body saw, chargers, diagnostic equipment, cylinders, lifting systems and scales, painting rooms, panel cutters, benders and wheel maintenance equipment.

BENEFITS Of Financing and leasing automotive equipment


no impact on your banking

The future of your business is secure with a lease. You’ll have access to all the equipment you need without increasing bank borrowing capacity, so that means more funds available for growth!

it's Fiscally smart

What’s better than getting deductions for your hard work? Leasing equipment is the way to go, and there are some great tax benefits too! You can deduct 100% of lease payments from taxes – which will help with cash flow as well as make you more competitive in today’s market.

fast approval

Finance can be a minefield. But it doesn’t have to get you in trouble! We work hard with every client and case by providing the best possible financing options for your needs – often within 48 business hours or less (sometimes even faster).

peace of mind

Think of it this way: when you transfer the ownership of your equipment to us, our lenders pay for that tax. So not only do we relieve all accountability on getting rid-of unwanted assets but also help with any related costs down the line!

3 easy steps for your automotive equipment financing needs




Find the equipment – It can be a private sale from an individual or an equipment listed by a dealer.



Fill our application form – Contact us and we’ll send you our application form in order for you to fill it.



Get approved – Get a response within 24 to 48 hours.


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